My ViewPoint is our game played at Bars & Restaurants.  If you have a point of view, then MVP is the game for you. Check out My ViewPoint at your local bar or pub, and if they don’t have it yet – tell ‘em to get it now!
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About MVP

MVP came about because of two reasons:

  1. Players had some concerns with some trivia events. These were the four major complaints from customers:
  • “That team over there is cheating on their phone.” MVP eliminates cheating because we use survey questions that are passed out before the start of each game to get our answers for upcoming shows. You can’t “look up” a survey answer.
  • “These questions are too hard.” MVP eliminates the “stupid” feeling that some customers have when they are playing trivia. The way My Trivia Live has a lot of different categories and bonus rounds, everyone usually finds an answer they can get.
  • “They have too many people on a team.” MVP gets rid of the need to have a limit on the number of players on a team. You want to play with 1 person, that’s great. You want to play with 10 people, even better. What people will have to do on the team is determined by what answer will get them the most points.
  • “That team wins every week.” Not anymore. MVP makes it tough for teams to win every week because again its not about what YOU know, but it’s about what you think THEY know.

2. Bar owners were looking to do something else on a traditionally slow night, they had a trivia night, they have a poker night, but what else could they do? This is it.

What is it? 

  1. We ask a survey question, “Name a famous beach on the East Coast of the United States”
  2. Have your team guess an answer that you think is the #1 answer. Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Jersey Shore, etc. Bring your answer up to the host. You will have 2-3 minutes to bring up your answer.
  3. If you guess the #1 answer it is worth 5 points, the #2 answer 3 points…etc. Only the top 3 answers will get points.
  4. This continues and then the bar or restaurant will give away some gift certificates.