My Trivia Live League Rules

  • You can sign up at any time. You will be given a league number to retain for your records.
  • Trivia always free to play.
  • At the end of the league season, we hold a semi final. Those that qualify from the semi finals will advance to the finals to be held typically a week later.
  • You must sign up and select a home bar. This is the bar you will represent if your team makes it to any of the finals.
  • NO CHEATING! Don’t even bother bringing your phones, P.D.A.’s etc. into the bar. There will be plenty of people watching and anyone suspected of cheating is automatically disqualified.
  • Have fun! This rule is mandatory.
  • Make sure you submit your league number to the T.J.’s every time you sign up to play.
  • Check your scores weekly!!! If discrepancies aren’t called to our attention within 1 week from the time they are posted, then your score may remain the same if we can’t validate it.
  • Traveling teams are allowed to split up at different locations to garner more points on a single night, HOWEVER, you can only garner points for two different locations! You may not split your team at the same location.
  • You may travel to other bars but the points you garner away from your home bar will count as travel points.
  • There are essentially 2 leagues within MTL. A home league (competing against teams within your home bar) and a travel league where you compete with all travel teams. Points scored in your home bar will also count towards your travel points. Being on both leagues will increases your chances of getting to the big show down.
  • We will FIRST take the top 10 traveling teams OVERALL! They are automatically guaranteed to go to the finals. (Another advantage of travel). Teams that score 11 through 20 will go to semi finals.
  • Then, we will take the top teams from each bar based on the points they garner within their home bar to go to the semi finals. We’ve done this to make it fair for the teams that can’t travel.
  • We will pick a number of locations to hold the semi-finals. The number of locations will depend on the number of venues we have by the end of league play. We will then randomly draw from all the home bar winners and assign a venue for semi-finals. If you do not like the location we have assigned you, you are welcome to email us. HOWEVER, filling these locations is a daunting task so your request may be denied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No home league points are awarded and it levels the playing field for everyone. Get out of free jail cards can’t be used for this week.

Yes. Any location that averages 40+ players per week will have the top 2 teams selected to attend semi finals.

Absolutely not. Teams traveling are recorded separately. So only the points they score in their home bar as a home team can be used.

If your location has multiple nights and it cancels on your night, you can play another night at your location OR skip that week. If you chose to skip, we look at the nights that are canceled. If we see your night was canceled and you only play on that night of the week, we will award you your average.

We take the top ten travel teams first. If you are in the top 10 travel, we take the next highest scoring home team from your home bar.

We really hope that doesn’t happen but if it does, you will retain your league number and pick a new home bar taking your league number with you. You will continue to compete with the leagues that were in your home bar even though you may not all be playing at the same location. Please note that when the league is done, you’ll need to pick a new home bar.

Use your get out of free jail card. We at My Trivia Live realize how important it is during league play to be dedicated to your home bar. We also realize that some of the competition is really stiff and if you miss a week; there may be no way to catch up to the leader. So we are issuing you (1) free pass. If you miss a day at your home bar, you can make it up at another show within a week. So if you’re show is on a Monday, you have until Sunday to attend another show. Just tell the TJ at the make up show that you’d like to use your Jail Card.

You double your chances of going to the tournament. Top 10 travel teams are guaranteed a place at the finals.

If your home bar has 2 nights, you can play on both nights and you will get the best of the 2 scores recorded. The second score will be applied to travel. We’ll also take one team for every night your location has. So if it’s 2 nights per week, then we take 2 teams.

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