My Trivia Live players! After many years of faithful service, we feel that the “freebie” of the Newsletter question has now run its course. We have replaced the My Trivia Live Newsletter question with our new interactive feature, the My Trivia Live Word of the Day. Just like the newsletter question, a special Word of the Day will be posted on here, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

During a My Trivia Live game, a team may use the MTL Word of the Day ONE time on any question before the Final question, excluding the And More bonus question and Halftime question. When a team chooses to use it, they will write down the Word of the Day and wager points, just as if it was regular answer to a question. The answer will be treated the same as a correct answer, and the team will receive the wagered points for that question. There is no bonus awarded for not using the Word of the Day – if a team does not use it before the final question, it is simply out of play.

We hope everyone will enjoy this addition, as we think it this is a fresh way to keep a “freebie” in the game, and hopefully involve a new twist on the game with strategic use.

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