Grab a cup of coffee and read on. Believe me when we say filling semi finals has been something that we’ve hopefully got down to a science over the years. It’s an incredible amount of work, So here it goes:

First the easy part. The top 10 travel teams go straight to finals. Then the next 10 go to semi finals travel. This is a special semi where we only take 10 teams. 1/2 of these teams advance giving them a 50% chance to advance which is better than home team semi finals where only 25 to 30% advance.

Next we take the “true” home bar winner. By true we mean without bonus points. We do this because we understand that people may not be able to afford to participate in the fundraisers that we hold for the community. We know what your thinking. Aren’t they out playing trivia once a week? Sure and that makes us happy. But perhaps that is their one night out a week to splurge and have fun. That team will advance. Now if there is a team who has more points then the true home winner due to bonus points, that team will also advance.

That brings us to bars with multiple nights. We take one team per night. So if a venue has 3 nights, we take 3 teams. We look at each team and the night the teams play on. If they missed a show because of a holiday, we will give the team their average points if they are unable to attend a different night that week. For example; if there’s a team that plays every Friday and another that plays every Thursday. The team that plans on Friday plays every Friday during the league but the Thursday team missed a week because of Thanksgiving. If a regular Thursday team doesn’t go out and play another day that week, they will get their average so not to fall behind other teams.

Then there are the venues that have a large amount of teams/players making the competition even tougher. Any venue that has more than an average of 40 players per week, we take the top 2 teams.

That’s the basics. Now here’s the what ifs. If the top team can’t make it or doesn’t RSVP, we pull the next qualifying team. There are times that we exhaust all qualifying teams at a venue. At that point, we take ALL the scores and sort from highest to lowest. We contact those teams in order until we fill the spot. Here’s what you need to remember. We ask the venues to open their doors and staff accordingly. We tell them approximately how many teams/players they will have. If we tell them they will have 12-14 teams, we need to make sure we fill those spots.

Then last but not least there is a desperation attempt to fill spots. This typically happens in the summer as those are harder to fill due to vacations, graduations and the likes. We have teams that play regularly and tell us they are available “just in case”. We let them know that they may be contacted to fill a spot on the Friday before the semi and would need to be readily available. Again, these are teams that are faithful players and have participated regularly through the league. This rarely happens but it’s a great buffer us. Typically those teams that ask to be on the wait list will get called up by overall points anyway.

We hope you enjoyed your coffee!

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