Bonus points. Not to be confused with bonus bars. There are 2 ways a home team can earn bonus points. One way is to attend fundraisers. We periodically post fundraisers on the site under the Events link. These are always worth while causes. If a home bar team attends a fundraiser, bonus points are added to their home score for the week. The second is for attending finals. When a team attends finals and doesn’t place in the top 3, then the points they scored before the final are awarded as bonus points to their first week of league play as a “prize”. Not to worry though, the true home team winner will not be excluded because of another teams bonus points. If you notice on the home league scores, there are 2 total columns. The first total includes the bonus points. The second does not. We sort the home scores by the second total first. The highest score attends semi finals. We then sort by the total that includes bonus points. If the bonus points total is higher than the actual home bar winner, they too attend semi finals. Example:

Team Grand Total Bonus Total
Team A 530 30 500 Qualifies for semi finals based on bonus points
Team B 516 0 516
Team C 520 0 520 Qualifies for semi finals as true home winner

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