Southern Michigan
First Place $2,500
* League ends 3/22/2020
* Bye week 3/23/2020
* Scores posted 3/25/2020
* Discrepancies posted by 3/29/2020
* Qualifiers posted by 4/1/2020 (assuming discrepancies have been worked out)
* RSVP by 4/5/2020
* Semi finals 4/18/2020
* Finals 4/25/2020

Northern Michigan
* League ends 3/22/2020
* Bye week 3/23/2020
* 4/20/2020 Finals week

Northern Michigan finals will be held at each location. $100 will be awarded to the qualifying team each night. Teams can play and win more than once.

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The following teams have qualified for the Northern Michigan League Finals


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The following teams qualified for Semi Finals. Semi finals begin promptly at noon. 11:30 AM check in. Click on the location for address Information


**indicates that RSVP has been received

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The following teams will go direct to Finals
Finals will be held at TBD. 12 PM check in - 1 PM Start

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